what i do

Freelance UX Strategist.

Founder of Amble.

Co-Editor of Campfire Stories.


I am also a….

Collaborator with Made By We

Crowdfunding Coach with iFundWomen

available for…

Currently seeking a limited number of interesting and meaningful freelance projects in the realms of :

  • UX Research & Strategy

  • Visual Design

  • Workshop or Meeting Facilitation

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  • Artist-in-Residence at the National Park Service
    Dave Kyu and I hosted the event ‘I Will Hold You In The Light’ which brought together 6 diverse performers responding to the theme of ‘The Pursuit of Happiness.’

This project was made possible and supported by the 'Imagine Your Parks' grant from the NEA, along with the National Parks Service Independence National Historic Park and Mural Arts Program.


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